CALL FOR PAPERS: The 2018th Annual International Conference on Bussiness and Public Administration

CFP Conference AICoBPA 2018
CFP Conference AICoBPA 2018 Poster

[Final Paper Submission Extension until 2 November: AICoBPA 2018]

Dear colleagues,

We are excited as we have received many interesting papers to be presented at the AICoBPA 2018.

The committee is about to forward all submitted papers to the reviewers for double-blind review process. Thank you!

At the same time, we have received many requests to extend the deadline for the second time to allow those who are keen to participate, but requires extra time to properly prepare their papers.

Therefore, the committee has decided to extend the submission deadline until 2 November 2018. Please be aware there will be no further extension after this date.

Furthermore, to also appreciate the participants who have submitted their papers earlier (on 15 October 2018), the selection results will be announced in two batches:

1) 31 October 2018 for submission until 15 October
2) 11 November for submission after 15 October

Further detailed information can be found at our website

Sincerely yours,
AICoBPA Organizing


CALL FOR PAPERS: International Conference on Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries 2019


Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to join QQML as Members.
The membership is free and lasts two years.After you fill in the attached form you receive your Membership identity card which is valid for two years and is renewed after your renewal application.
Your membership entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Online access to the QQML e-journal and priority in publishing,
  • Attendance of QQML conference and other potential events in priority,
  • Discounts on the publications of QQML,
  • Participation to the decision –making about QQML chapters and groups,
  • Opportunity to join a community of professors, professionals,
  • decision makers, students and graduates from all over the world,
  • Opportunity to promote yourself and your achievements through the network,
  • Active about special scientific interests.

QQML acts under the umbrella of ISAST a non- profit organization (International Society for the Advancement of Science and Technology) and organizes the Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries International Conference. QQML is dedicated to promoting the theory and practice of QQM in Libraries, Museums and Archives and aspires to:

  • To establish an active network of people who are interested in QQM
  • To promote the theory and practice of QQM
  • To track the developments and share the research results of QQM
  • To transfer the knowledge on QQM from scientists to professionals

QQML welcomes people from 58 countries and 5 continents. Every year the International conference attracts new delegates as well as it’s permanent friends.
The subject disciplines include every topic of the information science, as the methodologies are used in every field. Special topics are listed in the website of the Conference
QQML is in Facebook and Linkedin. Find and join!

The target group of QQML

The target group and the audience are library professionals in a more general sense: professors, researchers, students, administrators, stakeholders, technologists, museum scientists, archivists, decision makers and managers, information scientists, librarians, records managers, web developers, IT specialists, taxonomists, statisticians, marketing managers, philologist et al.

Grants and Awards

QQML promote Grants to Post Graduate students and PhD Candidates, after the recommendation of their supervisors which is recognition of their contribution to the scholarly communication. The grant is a discount of the conference fees.
The enquiries about the award are sent to
The aim of the grant is to facilitate students to participate to the conference, get experience, and share their research and exchange ideas.

Warm Regards,

Dr Anthi Katsirikou
QQML Conference Co-chair