CFP: The 3rd International Conference of Vocational Higher Education

cfp kolordwijo icvhe 2018

An Invitation for Academician & Practitioner

ICVHE 2018: Understanding Digital World from Theory to Practices

Vocational Education Program – Universitas Indonesia proudly present:
The 3rd International Conference of Vocational Higher Education (ICVHE) 2018
Batam, Indonesia, 2-4 August 2018

– Prof. Dr. Koh Young Hum Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS), Seoul, Korea
– Dr. Lam Kin Chung John Harvard Fellow, Harvard University, United States
– Prof. Kazu Amimoto RPT. PhD Faculty of Health Sciences, Tokyo Metropolitan University

ICVHE 2018 will highlights impact of digital era: disruption, automation and data used that cover the theoretival and practical aspect of scientific and daily life. The scholars are encourage to submit papers on any topics but is not limited to the topic enlisted below

1. Administrative, BUsiness, Information and Technology
2. Health and Science
3. Law & Social Humanities

1. Public & Private Policy in response to the speed of change
2. Applied Education in the future of digital challenge
3. Social innovation needs and interests in the disruption era
4. The Digital Role in Environmental Sustainability
5. Business Transformation in Sharing Economy Trend
6. Innovation Partnership between University, Industry and Government
7. Digital impact on daily life

We accept papers with 4500-5000 words in English on related themes. Please use our Ms WOrd template and submit the paper through our website:

– All the accepted papers will appear in the National Proceedings (ISBN)
– Modified version of selected papers will be published in the Scopus-indexed proceedings or journals

Further info:
Phone: +622129027481
Fax: +622129027478
Committee: +6287879187269

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