Vacancy as The Knowledge Management Technical Specialist/Librarian

A join program from government to government which goal is increase the rate of poverty reduction in Indonesia and reduce the impact of shocks and stresses on the poor and vulnerable, is now currently in high need to recruit  a  highly motivated professional  to take the challenge in the capacity as:

The Knowledge Management Technical Specialist/Librarian

Preferred Qualifications :
1. S1 degree or equivalent in Librarianship.
2. At least 10 years’ recent experience as a Librarian in higher education,
research organization, large corporation or large NGO.
3. Experience in establishing and maintaining electronic filing and document storage.
4. Experience in policy research environment
5. Librarianship which experience in a research environment, Literature search
6. Electronic Information management
7. Familiarity with Intranet use and capability, Staff training
8. Familiarity with website design and maintenance
9. High level of proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and web browsers.
10. Dedication to work in teams. Able to work very effectively with a range of government agencies, development partners (including donors, multilateral agencies and non-government agencies). A strong record of working across organizational boundaries is required.

Interpersonal Skills :
Proven record of strong client relations, with ability to work in sensitive situations, challenging policy environments, and within GoI institutions/ministries; demonstrated strong interpersonal skills. He/she should have a proven record of in providing prompt and quality response to client requests. He/she should be able to effectively communicate internally and externally, share information with colleagues, clients, and management. Excellent presentational and writing skills are required.

He/She will be responsible to :
1. To establish and maintain a hard copy library of relevant materials and books, government reports and publications, including all resources and
presentation materials prepared by organization.
2. Establish an electronic information service for organization, focusing initially on library resources but expanded to include relevant data sets and information generated by organization, utilizing STA if required.
3. Network with other research institutions and information sources both
internationally and nationally.
4. Support users to access information.
5. Devise strategies and incentives for Working Groups to upload information
6. Liaise with IT and Communications staff of organization to ensure a comprehensive and well linked system of information storage and access.
7. Support technical researchers to locate relevant sources of information and to meet the information needs of senior officers and Working Group members.
8. Assist Technical researchers to conduct literature searches, monitor key issues and provide regular briefings to senior officers of all Working group members.
9. Other duties as required.

The appointed candidates will be offered an attractive compensation package and 2 years Full time Position with review after 6months. To apply, please EMAIL your resume to:

Dari: Deborah Oktavia
Tanggal: 23 Mei 2012 11:24

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